Thin Brows or Bushy Brows?

Thin Brows or Bushy Brows?

Whether you prefer Bella Hadid's thin brows or Lilly Collin's bushy brows, I want to let you know why you need to elevate your brow routine.

Why are brows so important?

Not only do your eyebrows define your facial structure but they also give you your expression. There are all types of products in the market designed to care for you from head to toe, but what about your eyebrows? 

Did you know that you start losing brow hairs in your late 30s? 

We can't stop Mother Nature but we can try to prolong it. Look after the brows you already have by feeding them with the nutrients and vitamins they need… 

Why hair oiling your brows is important…

  1. Keep your brows healthy and conditioned

Using a brow oil will keep your brow hairs nourished and conditioned with ingredients such as Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Castor oil, so if you enjoy tinting and the occasional brow lamination you won't lose the elasticity in the hairs and its less likely for them to damage.

Ingredients such as Argon oil, Olive oil and Keratin will also benefit your brow game as these ingredients all help to support thicker and stronger brows. 

  1. Keep your brows growing strong with hair oiling

If you want to grow your brows, oiling them is a must. Include ingredients such as Biotin, Almond oil and Vitamin E, these are valuable to increase your chances of growing back brows you probably waxed off. 

Shop Haigredients Brow oil

Now, you're probably wondering how you are supposed to find and combine all of these ingredients for the perfect brows. Look no further, The Brow Mask contains a total of 11 natural ingredients created and combined to combat any struggle you might be having with your eyebrows and to maintain fuller, healthier brows, naturally. 

Elevate your beauty routine by caring for your brows with Hairgredients.

Shop The Brow Mask or opt for The Brow Kit to help stimulate your brows further with our Derma Roller. 

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