The importance of Hairoiling

The importance of Hairoiling

I have accumulated a list of why you, if you haven't already, should implement hair oiling in your weekly routine. There are many key benefits to hair oiling from the root to the ends, let's get into it:

  • Hair oiling will give you a clean scalp which will keep the area free of any bacteria and fungi to let new healthy hair grow.
  • It will strengthen your hair from the root to your ends. 
  • Many natural oils contain key features that will stimulate and awaken hair follicles to increase hair growth. 
  • Hydrates the scalp & hair by also locking in all that moisture. 
  • It will prevent hair breakage as well as softening the hair. 
  • It will protect your hair from any further damage such as heat and colouring.
  • Feeds your hair with natural fatty acids and antioxidants to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. 
  • Will give you thicker hair, increase volume and lustre, as well as, keeping it shiny and smooth all throughout. 

If you still need to start hair oiling, what are you waiting for? 

Oil Hair Mask contains 12 natural key ingredients such as Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Raw Garlic extract, Coconut oil and many more, all of which focus on everything mentioned above. Many of us leave our hair to chance even with all the damage we do to it but did you know pattern hair loss for women starts when we hit 40 years old, and men start only at the age of 30? 

Begin your healthy hair journey today with Hairgredients. 

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I would love to hear more on your thoughts on hair oiling, leave a comment below!

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