Carl Thompson on The Hair Kit

Carl Thompson on The Hair Kit

Today I want to shine a light on the Hair Kit by Nez Hasan & Hairgredients. I've posted about it recently on my Instagram channel with my 'Get Ready with Me' reels. I was delighted to see that the snip was repurposed for the Nez Hasan YouTube channel.


In short I've been using the Oil Hair Mask and Derma Roller in combination to help stimulate my beard hair follicles. My beard is notoriously patchy, and in places just doesn't play ball. You might feel some small pricks when using the Derma Roller (sorry couldn't resist that one). It gently pricks the skin open, applying all the nutrients and vitamins it needs when I follow that up with the Oil Hair Mask. This unique combination invigorates the hair follicles giving you healthy, fuller, more robust hair. It's also unscented as Hairgredients is made with natural oils and the scent only emanates from the ingredients. 


As an aside, and far more important than my beard, chemotherapy patients can start implementing the Hair Kit straight after the chemotherapy session. It is a good practice to start after the stage where you first start losing your hair, and continue to use during the remaining chemotherapy sessions. It's good practice also to sterilise the Derma Roller after each use with their Antibacterial Spray which comes with the kit. 


In a word yes, providing the hair follicles are still active. It can take up to 3 months to grow, so patience is required. Hairgredients contain essential proteins and nutrients that can help awaken the hair follicles. 

Each bottle should last you between 3-4 months so you may need to repurchase bottles as you go, and stick with it. Consistency is key. I would recommend seeking advice from Nez Hasan & Hairgredients directly from this because I don't want to mislead or prey upon anyone’s insecurities here. We have come a long way in hair regrowth technology and there are numerous products and procedures out there. From all the research and information, and first-hand user experience, if I was thinning on my scalp or hairline, I would be using Nez Hasan & Hairgredients for at least a year to see if I could generate some positive results.  


The Derma Roller to be used once a week with the Oil Hair Mask to help awaken the hair follicles. 

If you have any further questions on how to apply the Hair Kit I recommend reading the FAQ's on the product page. Further in-depth topics are covered such as:

  • How should I use The Hair Kit and when?

  • Can I use the Oil Hair Mask by the beach/pool?

  • Can I use the Oil Hair Mask if my hair is coloured? 

  • Is the oil hypoallergenic? 

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By Carl Thompson, Men's Style Blog

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