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Five different ways to use your Oil Hair Mask

I created an Oil Hair Mask for multi-use purposes, so I have listed below the many ways to use it and how. 

1. Hair Mask

Healthy hair starts from the root. You need to understand that in order to grow healthy hair you want the product to be suitable from the top to the end (unfortunately this is not so common in other products). It is extremely important to keep your scalp & roots, clean, hydrated and malnourished. 

Begin by sectioning your hair, apply 1-3 drops of Oil Hair Mask directly onto each section and make sure to massage the areas thoroughly for 2-5 minutes. Then, apply a few drops to the ends of your hair, tie your hair in either a loose bun or plait and leave in for 1-6 hours before showering. 

2. The Hair Kit

You want to do a similar routine as above, however, after you section your hair use the larger end of your Derma Roller and roll over each section 5 times in different directions. You can then apply oil Hair Mask as mentioned above, massage the areas and leave in for 1-6 hours before showering. You do not want to use too much product on the scalp and tightly tie your hair as it can cause hair breakage. always keep it in a loose bun or plait and only use 1-3 drops depending on how large the section is. 

3. Ends of your hair

As it is an oil-based Hair Mask, this works perfectly to protect, nourish and strengthen the hair you already have. Use a few drops every day to the ends of your hair, whether dry or wet. 

I like to apply Oil Hair Mask on my ends day and night every day, to give it that extra care, smoothness and shine. 

4. For styling

Oil Hair Mask also works wonders when styling your hair. 

A few ways I like to use it are; after I have added heat to my hair I like to add a few drops to the ends to bring my curls back to life and avoid them looking dry and brittle.

I also like to use it when I am doing a slick bun, I add a drop onto the areas where I want to keep those fly hairs down, leaving me with a super sleek look. I also like taking my hair oil to my local hair stylist when I get my hair coloured, bleached and blow-dried. 

5. For men: 

If your partner, father, brother or friend needs help with growing a beard this is the perfect product for them to simply look after their hair, beard and brows. It's as important for men as it is for women, if not more. 

I wanted a product that is not only beneficial for 1 purpose, I wanted you to be able to use it in many ways for different reasons. Oil Hair Mask is packed with 12 natural yet powerful ingredients to give you fuller, thicker, healthier hair. 

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I would love to hear how you are using Oil Hair Mask, leave a comment below!

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