The Brow Mask vs The Brow Kit

The Brow Mask vs The Brow Kit

If you are unsure of whether to purchase the brow mask or the brow kit, read on, and we can help you decide…

The Brow Mask vs. the Brow Kit - what is the difference?. 

The Brow Mask

The Brow Mask is a perfectly created vitamin-infused oil-based mask designed to protect and nourish the eyebrows you already have.

I was very specific when choosing the ingredients, I only wanted what is beneficial for your brows and only that, no extras, no add-ons. 

The Brow Mask is first and foremost a brow care, then if the hair follicles are still active it has the potential to grow your eyebrows.

The Brow Kit 

This is where The Brow Kit comes into play, I decided to include the Derma Roller in the collection as it benefited and increased the chances of hair growth. 

A micro needle Derma Roller to gently pin-prick the skin open, then once The Brow Mask is applied there is a greater guarantee to unlock your hair follicles and watch them come back to life.

So which one should you purchase?

So to tie everything together, if you are looking for a simple yet powerful brow care to include in your beauty routine then The Brow Mask is the perfect addition to add to your shelf. However, if you desire to try and grow what you no longer have then I highly recommend using The Brow Kit, stimulating the follicles will increase your chances of seeing your ideal results.

If you have any further questions, leave a comment below! 

Hope this helps, Nez x

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