3 Reasons why you need Oil Hair Mask on your summer holiday

3 Reasons why you need Oil Hair Mask on your summer holiday


I've narrowed down 3 reasons as to why carrying hair oil is a MUST on your summer holiday.

Although we love the sun and sea salt air transforming our flat hair to beautiful beach waves, it can actually be quite damaging to your hair…

  • We have established that we as a population love sunbathing especially us sun deprived Brits, however, we all know that UV rays are terrible for your skin causing sun spots and increasing the appearance of ageing and wrinkles, but did you know it's also very damaging to your hair? 

    Spending too much time outdoors in the sun, especially with high UV rays, will leave your hair dry and brittle. Hair oil can act as a barrier between your hair and the sun, protecting your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. I apply a few drops of Oil Hair Mask every evening, letting my hair soak in the oils whilst I sleep so that I wake up with smooth and protected hair!

    Don’t forget to protect your hair just like you protect your skin!

  • One of my top favourite things to do is have a dip in the sea after spending hours sunbathing to cool down. I also love the way the salty water gives me naturally fuller curlier hair. This happens due to the salt water drawing moisture away from your hair and scalp causing it to strip away all your natural oils. This is why, although I long for curly fuller looking hair, I have to stay protected. 

    Our Oil Hair Mask is a beach necessity so that I can apply it to the ends of my hair throughout the day, protecting my hair from extreme dryness - please do not apply oil on your scalp and stay in direct sunlight as it will cause sunburn- only the ends! 

  • Styling my hair at the beach for a silky smooth look! If you also enjoy a beach club once in a while then looking put together throughout the day is not exactly as important as my two previous points but definitely something you want to consider. I also always keep a hairbrush on me during the day, my current favourite is the West Brush as it's not too harsh. I apply 1-2 drops of Oil Hair Mask on the ends of my hair and gently brush my hair so it looks shiny, smooth and healthy.  You could also slick it back for a sleek bun so it won’t be moving as you enjoy the sun all day!


    I also recommend that you apply your  Oil Hair Mask onto your scalp down to your ends as a mask and leave it on for at least 30-60 minutes before showering. This is so that your scalp is also taking in some of the goodness and to avoid a dry and flaky scalp.

    Don’t forget to pair your Oil Hair Mask with The Brow Mask as your eyebrow hairs are extremely delicate. I find that people focus so much on other parts of themselves such as their skin but forget that your hair is also really important, as much as wrinkles will age you so does brow & hair thinning.

    Prolong thinning and care for the hairs you still have with Hairgredients.

    Shop The Brow Mask and Oil Hair Mask. Now go ahead, relax and enjoy your carefree, hair-damaging-free summer holiday!

    From Nez x

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