The new addition to our collection: The Vitamin-Infused Lash Oil

The new addition to our collection: The Vitamin-Infused Lash Oil


How to achieve the appearance of longer thicker lashes has always been a main topic of discussion in the beauty industry. Instead of the media pushing us to look after our natural lashes, we are often pushed to buy the latest mascara instead…

The truth is, in order to achieve longer fuller lashes with mascara, you need to have these lashes to begin with. It's just like skincare, if you want your make-up to look hydrated and glowy, then you should focus on what skincare you need in order to achieve these results. The same process with your brows, if you want fuller thicker brows you have to feed them with nutrients that can help them to do so, which is why we brought you the Brow Mask and now introducing our Lash Oil!

What is The Lash Oil?

The Lash Oil is our new addition to our vitamin-infused Hairgredients collection. Now that we have tackled the hair and brows, it's time we also show the same love and attention to our lashes.


What is in The Lash Oil?

We decided to strip back our renowned formula to 9 vital natural ingredients so that the product is gentle and lightweight on the eyes. However, following the footsteps of our acclaimed products, the premise is simple, to restore and maintain healthy eyelashes. 

This powerful blend is supercharged with growth oils such as; 

Castor Oil, 

Almond Oil, 

Coconut Oil, 

FlaxSeed Oil, 

Argan Oil, 

Vitamin E, 

Aloe Vera, 


and Keratin. 

Each of the following ingredients has been combined to contribute towards nourishing, strengthening and lengthening each strand with just a sweep a day.

The soft, slim brush makes the application easy and swift, all you need to do is apply a thin layer and swipe directly onto the lash line, as well as, onto the top and bottom lashes, the brush is designed to reach even the stubbornly short hairs. As this is an oil-based lash product we would recommend making sure to apply a thin layer and only use it at night before going to bed. 

This is the perfect boost to your beauty ritual and hair care journey, designed to simply improve the vitality of your lashes. 

Start your lash journey today and order The Lash Oil now!

I hope you enjoy it and we can’t wait to see your results!

Nez x

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