5 reasons why you need to embrace oils

5 reasons why you need to embrace oils

Oiling your hair is such a simple yet effective way to not only restore healthy hair but also increase hair growth. Natural oils contain powerful properties such as antioxidants, fatty acids, protein and growth vitamins, together they form a powerhouse of vital nutrients for your hair - it’s equivalent to the green smoothie you would make for your skin.  

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED to embrace oils in your beauty routine. 

1. Lock in all that moisture 

There are a few natural ingredients which moisturise your hair and help to retain that moisture such as argon oil and jojoba oil. As it moisturises the hair it also prevents it from split ends and hair breakage, helping your hair to grow and not worry about your ends drying out.

2. Strengthening each strand, one by one

Ingredients such as Keratin, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil contain many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair, they also play a part in healthy hair follicles. Strengthening your hair from the roots to your locks. 

3. Scalp is also skin

The same way you look after your skin you should also be looking after your scalp, especially if you struggle with dryness. The same oils you use for your hair will also hydrate your scalp, I even recommend investing in a micro needle Derma Roller if this is something you suffer with regularly, this will help to tackle a dry flakey scalp. Garlic oil can help kill bacteria and fight germs, keeping you and your scalp healthy.

4. Silky smooth

Castor oil and coconut oil both contain fatty acids with provide essential proteins and nutrient to have your hair looking silky smooth. These can also penetrate the cuticle of the hair as well as prevent hair follicle inflammation. 

5. Awaken hair follicles

Ingredients that contain hair growth properties such as, Biotin, Castor oil and Flax seed oil, can reawaken your hair follicles and increase hair growth. I also recommend investing in a micro needle Derma Roller if you are looking to try grow your hair. A micro needle Derma Roller will increase product absorption and increase blood flow which all benefit towards hair growth. 

Products you apply on your hair, scalp brows and lashes, we always recommend going for a product that contains all natural ingredients so that you know exactly what it is you are applying. When it comes to brow & lash growth serums, we also suggest natural ingredients that contain growth properties instead of the ones that contain chemicals, it is best to avoid the side effects of orbital fat loss around your eyes. 

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