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The Lash Oil

The Lash Oil


Mini Brow Mask

Mini Brow Mask


Mini Oil Hair Mask

Mini Oil Hair Mask


These are not just any brow & hair care masks. Oil Hair Mask is designed to give you a silky smooth finish and restore your hair to its former glory from the root to your locks, perfect for fine, coarse and thick hair.

Our eyebrows are one of the most defining features on our face which is why we should look after them, The Brow Mask is curated to give you fuller, thicker, stronger brows. Including the Derma Roller to boost growth by stimulating your hair follicles.

We have specially formulated and combined them to target each area of concern, to not only look after the hairs on your scalp, brows, lashes & beard but also encourage new growth from the inside out. 



After seeing other peoples results I have become so focused on caring for my brows and growing them. Your oil is amazing!!! Ive only been using it for just over a week and I've already started seeing results, my brow hairs are so healthy looking and new hairs have started appearing. xx


After going through cancer treatment, my hair got thinner and I lost a lot of it. I tried a lot of things on my own but nothing was making a difference. Thanks to Hairgredients for restoring my confidence and for creating such a wonderful product that will help loads of women dealing with hair loss, whatever the condition they may have.


I've been using The Brow Mask for a few months now, and the sparse areas of my brows have grown on my arch. My fronts are also growing back which is actually crazy for me. You can just see the overall fullness from the colour. one o fthe best products I've uever used. The best thing is, its all natural.


My friend recommended for me to try these products and I have been using them for a few months now and my hair and brows are so thick and healthy I am in love with these products. Will continue to use them as my daily beauty routine everyday!! Soo good!


The Oil Hair Mask has been amazing. I have really curly hair and usually the salty water at the beach ruin them. I took my hair mask with me everyday and it honestly kept my curls nourished and protected. Highly recommend to my curly haired girls! x


The Oil Hair Mask has made my hair so shiny and silky. The Brow Mask has really helped with the little bald patches where I had missing hair. All natural and incredible. 


I've been using Oil Hair Mask since April. I've definitely seen a difference in the front of my hair and I will continue to use this as part of my hair routine to stimulate growth. x


I love using Oil Hair Mask, its a must have summer essential!


I went from having no eyebrows to now having thick bushy brows, I am 41 so I didn't expect them to grow so much at my age. I did a treatment at the salon and now I just apply a few drops before I go to bed. It works!


I've been threading my brows for over 25 years. I've been doing the treatment and never expected for them to grow so much but now I've got a really nice amount of brow hair to work with. Now I just maintain them by applying The Brow Mask before bed.