Fight the winter season

Fight the winter season

With winter in full motion, the nights are longer and the air is not only colder but its dryer. This season is notorious for dry knuckles, flakey skin and chapped lips, but what about your scalp and hair? Well that too.

During this time, the scalp and hair will likely lead to dryness. The scalp and hair is stripped of its natural moisture, leading to flakiness and dullness. However, you can avoid these winter blues by changing a few things in your hair care routine to ensure your tresses stay hydrated and healthy.

Protect & nourish 

One thing I've noticed with my hair is that using a good hair oil can never go wrong, no matter what the season is. The same way I like to slather on oil on my face and body especial during winter, my hair loves it too. Living in London means that unfortunately 70% of the time it's cold, raining or very windy, which me or my hair are not big fans of. So avoiding the frizz caused by the wind and the dullness the cold brings I like to make sure my hair is intact at all times. Using Oil Hair Mask which contains 100% natural ingredients (if that isn't enough to persuade you), will protect, nourish and moisturise your hair, leaving you with silky smooth frizz free hair - without any of that greasy residue. 

Deep condition 

One thing I have implemented in my weekly routine is hair oiling which is masking my hair with an oil from my roots down to my ends. I tend to do this on my 'cleaning day' so when I know I'm spending my day in doors cleaning my home and ending it with some self-pampering. I start by sectioning my hair and using The Derma Roller, with the larger end I roll over my whole scalp in different directions for a few minutes. Then, in those sections I apply 1-2 drops of Oil Hair Mask and thoroughly massage it in - this helps to increase product absorption and increase blood flow. I then apply a few drops onto the ends of my hair, tie it in a loose bun and let it sit for 3-5 hours. After I've had a shower and brushed my hair I once again apply a few drop just on my ends so it's really smooth and doesn't lose any elasticity. 

Party Season 

When you think of winter naturally you think of Christmas & New Years Eve too. Well if you've got an endless line of parties coming up in December then you'll probably also be doing a lot to your hair. Oil Hair Mask will help to style your hair, if you're going for curls or a big blowout then apply some oil to your ends to give them that natural shine. Applying it daily will also help to protect your hair from damaged, help bond split ends and prevent it from drying out. 

During the colder season we're all spending more time indoors curled up at home or celebrating the holidays with family & friends, which makes these the best products to upgrade your self-care routine at home or the perfect finishing touches when styling.

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