We think you should know

We think you should know

What’s new with Hairgredients and why

If you’ve been here before then you might of noticed that there’s been some changes to Hairgredients. In the ever-evolving beauty industry, resonating with consumers is paramount, after thorough research we decided to rebrand and reformulate.

Vitamin Infused Hair Oil
We’re always looking for ways on how to improve our formula so we started researching and discussing with our factory and came up with something new. We’ve taken some of the ingredients in our old formula and mixed it in with new ingredients, equally as powerful, with a lightweight texture and added Rose essence so that your hair is smelling delicious all day. 

2-in-1 Lash & Brow Oil 
After selling out of our popular award winning Brow Mask, we have kept to the same formula but we decided to combine the Brow & Lash Oil together as a 2-in-1 to make not only the functionality and application easier but also more affordable for our customers, why choose when you can have both!

Updating our packaging we wanted to make our products even more visually appealing on the shelves. We absolutely adored our original branding, we had spent months and months on trying to get the perfect design that matched the brand, but after 1.5 years we felt that there was still room for improvements. Hairgredients has grown so much in almost 2 years now and in order to reflect our identity and future aspirations we felt it was necessary to convey a fresh, cleaner look that resonates with Hairgredients. 

In every business, you go through trial and error, at the time it felt 100% right and then as time goes on we noticed the we could enhance the brands appeal whilst also staying true to our core values. We’re so excited to introduce this new chapter in Hairgredients’ journey and confident that these changes will enrich the customer experience and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Thank you all for your continuous support, we appreciate every single one of you. 

Love from,
Nez & the Hairgredients team x 

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